Black Moon Had a Lot on Their Mind In This 1999 Future Flavas Freestyle (Audio)

Six years after Enta Da Stage, Black Moon made a powerful return in 1999. War Zone would be a Top 40 debut for the Brooklyn, New York trio, and the last of the three studio B.M. albums produced entirely by DJ Evil Dee and Da Beatminerz.

With all the hype of a Buckshot focused on the group (after dabbling in solo works and attempting 2Pac’s One Nation), 5FT on the street, and a refined Evil Dee, as well as Duck Down Music established in lieu of Nervous/Wreck Records, things were at a boil for the guys. So when they swung through Future Flavas Radio (Marley Marl & Pete Rock), Buck and FT were uncontainable during an extended freestyle set shared by DJ Treats. It appears to be some true off the dome rhymes, as the Moon in Black shows why they’re so much deeper than just three (or at that time, two) LPs could ever suggest:


Props to ego trip! on sharing the gold.

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