Bounce To This Comprehensive Cash Money Records Mix, Featuring Lots Of Early Mannie Fresh Tracks (Mix)

Cash Money Records goes back a lot farther than even well-versed Hip-Hop Heads may realize. Names like Kilo G, U.N.L.V., (the late) Magnolia Shorty, and Ms. Tee span back to the early 1990s on the label started by Bryan “Birdman” Williams, and brother Ronald “Slim.”


Prior to the storied Universal Records deal, many of CMR’s singles and albums are out of print relics. Although scarce in the marketplace, many of these records are highly influential to the label’s skyrocketing artists such as Juvenile, Big Tymers, B.G., and Lil Wayne. Additionally, many of these records helped cement the Bounce Music sub-genre of Hip-Hop, something that’s been closely associated with New Orleans Hip-Hop since its inception. Mannie Fresh, whose catalog extends back 28 years to DJ Mannie Fresh & Gregory D’s Throw Down album, would become a centerpiece at Cash Money upon their establishment. By 1993, Byron O. Thomas would be at the helm for complete albums by B-32 (l/k/a Birdman), Pimp Daddy, Lil Slim, Ms. Tee, and others.

Through 2005, Mannie Fresh would be the flagship producer at Cash Money, 12 years deep in not only establishing the label’s musical prowess, but extending into its commercial boom, and developing a plethora of gold and platinum acts. Many of those artists have since reunited with Fresh off of the label.


In spotlighting Cash Money’s lesser known years, and the sound that Mannie Fresh helped make famous, Levins creates a Cash Money Bounce mix that goes deeper than most crates possibly can, especially in the digital era. Play this mix and try to stand still. Moreover, weigh in on Mannie’s ear and ability to work with so many artists, many of which began as underground acts in the truest sense:

Props to ego trip! on spotting this.

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