Brownsville Ka Gives Hope a Spin In The Face Of Ill Street Blues (Video)

When its made well, music can be escape. However, nobody said that escape guarantees relief. Ka (a/k/a Brownsville Ka) has built a revived solo career (post-Natural Elements) in making sparse, insightful music that shows a New York City underbelly, far removed from the doormen, yellow cabs, and posh bakeries.

In the belly of the beast, the MC/producer returns with a gritty visual to “Day 3,” from his upcoming album with Preservation (Yasiin Bey, GZA), Days With Dr. Yen Lo, a clear and thematic homage to book-turned-film, The Manchurian Candidate. Stay up on Ka’s website for more info. Inside the lyrics and the video, Ka transmits the stress, careful balance, and role of hope in everyday living.

Directed by Dr. Zen Lo himself, this video is a continuation. Check “Day 0.”

Both Ka and Preservation made strong career strides back in ’08 working on GZA’s Pro Tools LP.

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