Did Planet Asia & Durag Dynasty Earn Just Blaze’s Liberated Instrumental? (Audio)

Three weeks ago, Just Blaze shared an illusive instrumental track in “Miracle.” Courted by everybody from Jay Z to Rick Ross to Chris Brown, the song (apparently even sold at one point), the track never was recorded—so the New Jersey DJ/producer shook things up and liberated it.

Demanding only MCs touch it if they “rap good,” some voices rose to the occasion. STS (Sugar Tongue Slim) of Money Making Jam Boys fame was one notable artist who finessed his best. In the last 24 hours, Planet Asia and his Durag Dynasty clique add theirs.

P.A. is no stranger to working with elite producers. From his full length works with DJ Muggs (Pain Language) and Alchemist (360 Waves), the Fresno, California vet and Durag know how to rock beats in a clever way. Additionally, there’s been work with Madlib, Evidence, Exile, and others to boot.

“Miracle” results in “Catch That Feeling,” whereby Asia, Killer Ben and TriState show Just and the rest of Heads that they can do with a different kind of sound.


Did Durag earn the right to use this storied track?

Having worked with M.E.D. a decade ago, is it time Just Blaze takes another run at the California true school?

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