Did You Know DJ Premier & Large Professor Share A Birthday? DJ Eclipse Does (Mix)

While DJ Premier  remixed plenty of classic artists spanning three decades and nearly every genre, when it came to Gang Starr, remixes weren’t typically the move—especially by another beat-maker. There were some exceptions however, and one trusted person who remixed one particular rare a la carte 1992 single (“Gotta Get Over”) was Large Professor. The Extra P, like Pete Rock and 45 King, was/is one of the few who could finagle with the Gang Starr sound.

For years, Premo and Large Pro have been in cahoots. Wild Pitch Records label-mates, Illmatic alumni (and a grip of other albums) purveyors of Rare Groove, these master producers roll tight. But did you know that they share the same birthday? Although several years apart, March 21 has something special in the air, as far as Hip-Hop is concerned for these two Aries.


DJ Eclipse is also down with P and Preem. After all, he helped get both masters to contribute to (touring again) Non-Phixion’s The Future Is Now album back in 2002. The former Wild Pitch staffer in his own right used the Rap Is Outta Control radio show format to pay honor and respect, with a mix of hits from the O.G.’s from behind the wheels, the boards, and the culture for more than 50 combined years. RESPECT. The Premier/Large Professor portion of the mix kicks in at the 11-minute mark. 

Happy belated one, O.G.’s.

#BonusBeat: Don’t sleep on Pete Rock’s remix of 1998’s “The Militia” either.

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