John Forte Responds To Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon In With His Heart & Mind (Audio)

University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon showed the world watching why we, as a people, have so far to go. The racial slurs, light made of murderous histories, and proud discrimination serve as a wake up call that hate lurks. Most wake up calls come at dawn. Two of those students involved are now expelled.

Following Waka Flocka Flame’s cancellation of a University of Oklahoma concert in April, more voices are coming forth. John Forte’s “Dawn” employs the SAE chants. Notably, Forte grew up attending private schools, and famously had the mother of one of his friends (singer-songwriter Carly Simon) advocate on his behalf for his freedom from incarceration. The former Refugee Camp All-Star awakens with a Spoken Word piece (he calls it “a ransom”), featuring driving syncopated rhythms about how much it struck his core:

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