Keep An Eye Out For Raz Simone And The Rest Of “Them” (Video)

It appears that Raz Simone is gearing up for 2015 to be his true coming out party. Powerful and intuitive, Raz stacks content chocked full of social and cultural commentary within incredibly insightful track work, including his recent, “Drake & Macklemore’s Platform” and “Macklemore & Chief Keef.” To add to his repertoire, Raz is about to drop his second project of the year, Macklemore Privilege & Chief on Keef Violence, following his January release, Cognitive Dissonance: Part 2, and was recently named DJ Booth’s, The 1 Artist You Need To Hear Right Now.

Raz opens up his latest video, “Them,” with intent to stand against the crowd and paint his vision of the world around him. As he sees it, “the streets are getting loud,” and Raz illustrates the infection of crime and violence spreading under the street lights with shots of a gang of young kids imitating drive-bys and toting semi automatics. Surrounded by their youthful crew, the Seattle MC and Fatal Lucciauno spit with grit and the intent to shine light on the realities of their grim situation, rather than rhyme as an act of flexing muscles or vying for street cred and bragging rights. As an artist who delivers music with a purpose for empowering the people, it seems as if Raz Simone is setting himself up to reach and settle within the ears of the masses.

Ready or not, here he comes.

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