Kurupt’s In A Foul Mood. He, J. Wells & Roscoe Make A Groove About It (Audio)

Sometimes MCs benefit from having a chip on their shoulder. Nearly 15 years ago, Kurupt took his frustrations with people trying to holler at his girl (then Foxy Brown), feeling neglected as a West Coast artist, and not feelin’ the 2Pac imitations, and made “Callin’ Out Names.” While the song got attention for its specific verbal jabs (DMX, Ja Rule, young 50 Cent), part of what made it work so well was that it was an irritated rapper turning angst into audio dope.

“Shuv It,” courtesy of J. Wells’ Inebriated album (August, 2015), is a note from this book. Kurupt wants all the materialism, extra-ness, and raspy talk out of his voice. Perturbed, Tha Dogg Pound co-founder gets lyrical alongside Wells (son of Supremes legend, Mary Wells) and blood-brother Scoe (f/k/a Roscoe). With a driving bassline, Kurupt’s bad day translates into a good track:

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