Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One Dress Up A Snoop Dogg Hit With A Funky Tuxedo (Video)

One of the low-key, simply amazing collaborations going on right now is Tuxedo. A duo, the group consists of crossover hit DJ-turned-singer Mayer Hawthorne and Seattle, Washington producer Jake One. For years, Jake Uno has lived in the shadow, regardless of whether he was working with G-Unit or Quannum Projects. Meanwhile, Michigan’s Hawthorne became a buzzing artist in the late 2000s, after Underground Hip-Hop obscurity, care of Athletic Mic League (with 14KT).

Tuxedo is neither Soul nor Rap. Instead, Mayer and Jake revive that Disco-Funk, seemingly as an independent counter to the popular revival seen by Pharrell, Daft Punk, Robin Thicke, and lately, Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. “Number One” is the latest entry, which as a visual, toys with tennis (and the cosplay associated with outfits). Sonically, the song re-purposes Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Kurupt, and Nate Dogg’s 1993 classic, “Ain’t No Fun.” Far less misogynistic, this song feels like the sample Snoop and “the homies” used. Instead, it’s a prequel, that will undoubtedly groove for days, months, and maybe all year long.

Tuxedo’s self-titled album, which includes “Number One,” is available directly at Stones Throw’s store.

#BonusBeat: If you love ’80s Funk, do not sleep on these two 2014 tapes made by Jake and Mayer, the reported inspiration behind Tuxedo:

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