Prince Paul’s Back, Blending Very Rare KRS-One, MF DOOM, Eminem & Alkaholiks (Mix)

Prince Paul’s “It’s Not The Size of Your Mix It’s How You Use It” turns out to be a series after all. Following February’s free-form mix of whatever the hell the Long Island, New Yorker wanted to spin, the Grammy Award-winning jokester is back with a second series.

Volume 2 includes some of the artists and vibes the former Tommy Boy Records solo artist and Stetsasonic/Gravediggaz favored in the first. Included are some ultra rare early Eminem, 1993 Wu-Tang Clan radio commercials, Hurricane G, MF DOOM, Ghostface Killah, Special Ed, KRS-One, Alkaholiks, and Kool G Rap & DJ Polo. Free-form, obscure, and offbeat, this mix still blends perfectly.