Rhymefest Made A Film About Finding His Homeless Father. Watch The Trailer (Video)

The Academy Award-winning and Grammy Award-winning Rhymefest has a lot going for him. Che Smith isn’t rushing back into the lab to make another album. With the hot hand, ‘Fest is instead opening up into his compelling story. At the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, Rhymefest will premiere In My Father’s House.

Per a press release, the film is the following: “Set against the crumbling landscape of Chicago’s battered south side, In My Father’s House, is a yearlong journey from homelessness and alcoholism to self-discovery and redemption as Grammy-winning rapper Che ‘Rhymefest’ Smith reunites with his homeless father in a quest to reclaim his neighborhood and discover his true self as a father and son.

Here is the trailer:

The father-and-son have been estranged for nearly 25 years. In My Father’s House will screen at additional 2015 festivals.

After making game-changing songs, will Che Smith be the next Hip-Hop luminary to cultivate his creativity to film?

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