eMC Aviate & Elevate In Their Aerospace-Inspired New Visual (Video)

Masta Ace has two videos in one day. Following his Diamond D-laced “Ace Of Diamonds” video single, Brownsville Brooklyn MC extraordinaire joins Wordsworth and Stricklin for The eMC’s “Fly Thoughts” visual. Taking the idiomatic expression quite literally, the NYC-Milwaukee trio takes to the skies, the airfields, and the cabin to kick their refined rhymes.

Penalty Entertainment (f/k/a Penalty Records) seems very much about treating these lyrical vets as a flagship act on the label that once pulled in platinum and gold plaques.

This is from The Tonite Show, coming May 4, and featuring guests Xzibit, Sadat X, B-Real, and even Do The Right Thing‘s Rosie Perez.

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