Ultramagnetic MC’s Make A Colorful Vid To Ego Trippin’ Almost 30 Years Later (Video)

The Ultramagnetic MC’s debut album, 1988’s Critical Beatdown may be the Bronx, New York group’s most celebrated work. However, the Next Plateau Records release lacked the emerging video medium enjoyed by many other top Hip-Hop acts of the time.

MC Ultra would eventually travel through several other labels in their 1992 and 1993 follow-up’s, respectively. Within those projects, Kool Keith, Ced Gee, TR Love, and Moe Love were able to bring their audio animation to life, in the visual medium that helped bring their styles to those beyond the know. However, just like Cappadonna with his famed “Winter Warz” verse, nothing says you can’t go back.

March 2015 sees the formal video of “Ego Trippin’,” shot now. In a “mini-movie” format, Ultramagnetic (in their modern, grandiose outfits) encounter a villainous record exec, to whom they perform “Competitor” and “Ego Trippin’.” The mind-altered exec is none too pleased with the seasoned routines and display of the quintet (including DJ Jaycee). As expected per the zany crew, the video is bugged out, with tinges of ’80s Beastie Boys/Krush Groove, and a lot of Black Elvis blended in:

Had “Ego Trippin'” gotten a video and thus exposure from shows, would Critical Beatdown and the men who made it have received more credit?

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