Want To Understand Lil Wayne’s $51 Million Lawsuit? Lawyer Combat Jack Breaks It Down… (Video)

Lawsuits in the entertainment media can be pretty damn confusing sometimes. Fresh off of the multi-million dollar “Blurred Lines” ruling in favor of Marvin Gaye’s family/estate against Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I., another high profile music case remains open. Currently, Lil Wayne is seeking $51 million from Cash Money Records, the very label he has been signed to for more than 18 years.

Before he was an internationally recognized Hip-Hop/music industry blogger, author, radio host, and VJ, Combat Jack was (and is) Reggie Ossé. The Brooklyn, New York-based attorney and Cornell University graduate worked in a legal capacity for the likes of Jay Z, Def Jam Records, and N.O.R.E., among others. Reviewing the public documents surrounding Dwayne Carter’s lawsuit against Bryan Williams, Ronald Williams, and Cash Money Records, Combat explains just when and where things got hairy, and how Weezy F. Baby arrived at the sum of $51 extra, extra-large bundles in damages.

Here’s one critical analysis stick point: “Wayne has no idea how much he’s actually owed for Drake’s massive success,” says Jack.

Is this business—as perceived by Wayne and his legal team—the reason why Young Money releases have been a bit scarce despite the label’s vast roster over the last decade?

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