Did Black Thought Confirm He’s Working On A Solo Album?

During an exciting week in Hip-Hop music, something really major may have been announced, that many Heads missed. Yesterday (April 16) The Roots’ front man Black Thought confirmed that he is currently in the process of recording a solo album. Replying to a fan’s tweet, Thought alluded to the upcoming release. This is a real treat for anxious fans who have been waiting for a Tariq Trotter solo LP outside of his work with the Grammy Award-winning Roots.

The question, courtesy of a fan:

The answer:

Throughout the last 22 years, Black Thought has released a handful of songs that have teased fans with the prospects of a solo album. And yet, even after the MCA Records 2000 “Hardware” single, no solo LP has come to fruition.

Additionally, Black Thought has worked closely with Brooklyn, New York-based DJ, J. Period. The pair released The Live Mixtape (The Illadelph Edition) in 2010.

Do you believe this will actually happen? Or is Black Thought merely toying with Heads’ hopes?

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