Many Think DJ QBert Is The Best Turntablist Alive. Listen As He Obliterates a ’60s Soul (Mix)

Chances are that if you own a pair of turntables, you know who DJ QBert is. The San Francisco, California DJ helped coin the term turntablism. The front man of the Invizbl Skratch Piklz crew (which also includes Beastie Boys’ DJ Mixmaster Mike, and Fool’s Gold Records founder DJ A-Trak, among others) is known as an unwavering champion of the turntable as an instrument, and he’s gone to tremendous lengths to help define a genre of scratch music built around it. If you’ve ever watched the (simply amazing) documentary Scratch, you already know this.

Throughout his career, QBert wears many hats. At times, he can assist in making a great album, such as Dr. Octagon’s debut, Dr. Octagonecologyst, or chiming in for DJ Shadow, Roscoe Umali, or Bambu. He’s consulted for major electronics makers, and he’s made films, like the animated album companion, Wave Twisters. However, to appreciate the three-time DMC World Champion, it’s fun to just listen to him flip through stacks of wax, freestyling.

That’s exactly what Hard Boiled Scrambled is. Assisted by DJ “The Eggsecutioner,” QBert digs through some heavy (and deep) crates of 1960s and early ’70s Soul, Funk, and Rare Groove. Heads may hear some familiar compositions, thanks to a Beatles cover, an “Apache” rendition, and some other dusty sample fodder. This mix charges up the old days, and re-presents them in mind-altering ways that are Hip-Hop as hell. Perhaps this is the best way to appreciate what just may be the baddest DJ on the planet:

Spotted earlier this week at Grand Good.

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