The People Talk to Raekwon About Ice Cream on YouTube. The Chef Talks Back (Video)

It’s been a long 20 years, but Raekwon’s “Ice Cream” is still cold. The Wu-Tang Clan posse cut celebrating the ethnic diversity of female fans remains a popular draw on YouTube. Chef Rae joins Noisey to respond to some thirsty comments from the video site.

Comments range from the deep, pointing out that visual was way ahead of its time (true, considering so many of the party-and-female-form-focused videos of the 2000s), to some simple, some “meta,” and some explicit observations about some of the actresses in the video.

Hiding his eyes behind dark sunglasses, Rae’ gets animated weighing on a song, a video, and a connection to the people that burns strong today. It’s rare to see the ice cream-cool Shallah break character and bust out laughing, making this all the greater.

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