Sean Price Borrows Kanye West’s Breakthrough Beat and Spits The Truth (Audio)

In a career that’s 20 years old, Sean Price has been very calculated with mixtape releases. Three times, the Brownsville, Brooklyn MC has offered up a non-album release, and starting with 2004’s Donkey Sean, Jr., (before Monkey Barz) each time they have been a warning shot before an album that’s given the Boot Camp Clik veteran deeper consideration in the last 10 years than the first.

Price has announced his fourth tape, Songs In The Key Of Price. Reworking Stevie Wonder’s 1976, diamond-certified album title and cover art, P! gets busy laying out some gems.


“S.E.A.N.” takes Kanye West’s first credited single on the boards, 2000’s “The Truth” for Beanie Sigel, and uses the same lyrical sure-handedness, bravado, and street savvy heard by the State Property MC. Sean, who was reportedly courted by Def Jam during Jay Z’s presidency-in-residency, also flips a few Roc-A-Fella lines to let the listener know he’s in on the joke.

Fifteen years later, isn’t it interesting that such a tremendous production career for ‘Ye essentially started with such a loop-driven basic sample that’s been widely heard?

How good with Beans and Sean sound on a track together?

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