Slick Rick’s Great Adventures Cross Paths In Miami With Dynas (Premiere)

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Slick Rick does not make many guest appearances—it is part of what makes the storyteller laureate so great. However, MC Ricky D must like South Florida veteran MC Dynas, as he starts the party on “Who U?” The rapped story finds Rick in Miami, Florida, at a gym off of Ocean Drive, “workin’ off the belly.” The day progresses, with an interesting series of interactions. Dynas, who has worked with J Dilla and DJ Jazzy Jeff on his The Apartment LP, adds two verses, sandwiched between two from the eye-patched legend.

The song, which also features producer Tony Galvin (Mystikal, T.I., Snoop Dogg), has a whimsical approach—perfect for the Slick Rick legacy. Inside, you’ll hear some Caribbean ad-lib flare, and nods to some of Rick’s The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick style, with the kicks, snares and emphasized conversational cadence.

Dynas & Tony Galvin’s (who handles all of the production) Big & Tall LP will be released in May 2015 on AVX Records and features one guest appearance, as heard above. Stay tuned to Ambrosia For Heads for more info.

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