Talk About Ambition… Charles Hamilton Freestyles… For Nearly 19 Minutes (Video)

Harlem, New York MC Charles Hamilton understands that it takes extraordinary measures to win back a fan-base after several years of hiatus, public mishaps, and some industry controversy. He seems to be rising to the occasion, simply through showing and sharing his love of rapping. Open interviews are one element, but Sonic appears to be using the true freestyle to display he is of pure heart, clear mind, and sharp skills.

Admittedly not for every freestyle fan, Hamilton’s BBC “Fire In The Booth” stop last week resulted in nearly 19 minutes of free-form flowing over industry beats, and heavy doses of true grit acapellas. This is more bars than Bourbon Street, rhymes like dimes, and lyrics to go.

While so many artists focus comebacks through mixtapes, videos, or tried methods of grabbing the spotlight, do you think Charles Hamilton’s old-fashioned show-and-prove approach goes much deeper, and in turn, will result in staying power?

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