Chuck Chillout Spins De La Soul, Gang Starr, MC Lyte & EPMD in a 1988 Mix (Audio)

The late Mr. Magic is widely considered one of Hip-Hop’s greatest radio mix-masters. DJ Marley Marl’s mentor dropped the needle on seminal records in the late 1970s, throughout the 1980s, and the early 1990s, helping give many Heads would-be classic songs that he personally deemed important.

The same week boogieknight shared a May, 1988 WBLS on-air set by a teenager would-be star named Pete Rock, the New York City DJ liberates another time capsule. This time, it is Mr. Magic’s Rap Attack show on the same station, and a mix just as distinguished, potent, and worth taping. Guest mix-master DJ Chuck Chillout was sitting in (going off the ID tags heard), as he was getting his own legendary, 30-year career in motion by appearing on several frequencies in the region.

Heads can hear hits by Run-DMC and Big Daddy Kane, as well as more obscure 12″ plates like Disco Twins & Starchild’s “There It Is” (mixed by C.J. Moore and the late Paul C.). However, what is especially unique is that for a May 13, 1988 40-minute drop-in on commercial New York City/tri-state radio, Sir Juice (Mr. Magic’s nickname) and Chuck were playing pre-debut album singles by De La Soul (“Plug Tunin'”), pre-DJ Premier Gang Starr (“Bust A Move Boy”), and EPMD (“Strictly Business”). Just think about that, and notice not only the record selection, but the bending mixes of each record in the amazing set.

Spotted at Grand Good.

Who (or what) plays this position of breaking records and groups way ahead of their time in Hip-Hop today?

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