Black Sheep’s Mista Lawnge Remixes Pink Floyd, Pat Benatar & Diana Ross 80s Classics (Audio)

Mista Lawnge (f/k/a Mr. Long) is one of Hip-Hop’s figures who does not seem to get his just due. One-half of the founding team in Black Sheep, William McLean was responsible, in part, for supplying Queens, New York duo with a sticking sound unlike no other entity in the space. It was dance-savvy Hip-Hop, that lyrically, had plenty for your mental.

While Dres stays active, including his tandem with A Tribe Called Quest’s Jarobi, Lawnge operates a little more quietly. In 2006, after the group’s early 2000s reunion (and subsequent separation), Lawnge self-released Class Of ’89, his solo debut. He’s also in The White Crows with Ras Kass.

These days though, he’s back to playing with beats. ego trip! shared a series of late ’70s and ’80s Pop tracks that Mista Lawnge reconfigured as remixes. Hardly mash-ups, these are simply a Native Tongues take on some party staples, that just might fit snugly into your own upcoming playlists:

For instance, here is 1979’s anthematic smash hit “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)” by Pink Floyd, as re-arranged by Lawnge:

Moving into more Pop, McLean takes Pat Benatar’s timeless ’83 woe-is-us reflection “Love Is A Battlefield.” He freaks the funk with the extended bassline, injecting some flavor of his own:

From ’84, a little bit more slowed-down and soulful, Lawnge reworks the Diana Ross solo jam, “Missing You” that Bad Boy Heads of a younger generation also know all too well:

Like Ali Shaheed Muhammad or Maseo, are Mista Lawnge’s production accomplishments regularly glossed over, even by Native Tongues Heads?

For five more remixes (Boy George, Hall & Oates, Denice Williams, etc.) hit ego trip!

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