For National Prevention Week, Watch This 1987 Run-DMC Anti-Drug PSA (Video)

Today (May 17) begins National Prevention Week, a seven-day annual event produced by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). With that in mind, Ambrosia For Heads is proud to shed light on not one, but two anti-drug PSA’s this week that aired back in 1987, from two legendary Hip-Hop groups.

The first, kicking things off in style (and with a some shell-toe Adidas) comes from iconic Queens, New York trio, Run-DMC. At the time, Run, DMC, and Jam Master Jay were promoting their would-be triple platinum third album, Raising Hell. Within the height of the crack epidemic, the Hip-Hop superstars knew that “it’s tricky” to just say no, so they told their fans to “walk this way,” and avoid drugs at all costs. Run and DMC kick some quintessential freestyle bars to the youth, while the late J.M.J. reveals that even though you may be around some things, you don’t need to be in those things.

AFH’s friends iFame TV shared this with us. On Wednesday (May 20), Heads can see another relic from the series. In the meantime, tune into iFame for a daily exclusive featuring even more artists from the October, 1987 lost-and-found reel. Among the music stars involved include one of Rap’s GOATs, the biggest mainstream act in Freestyle music, and one of the hardest working Hip-Hop/R&B groups/production collectives in history. While the message is still the same, there’s a lot to love about these nearly-forgotten time capsules. These PSAs will be available on iFame, WHO?MAG, and WHO?MAG TV sites daily as well.

Do you think today’s Hip-Hop elite would feel comfortable doing an anti-drug PSA? What’s especially interesting is that the pro-education, values-based message of the Profile Records giants aligns with what DMC is still talking about in interviews today.

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