From Battles To Collabos…Canibus Makes Good With Battle Rap Opponent Dizaster (Audio)

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Canibus is widely considered one of Hip-Hop’s most fearless figures. Fresh into his career, ‘Bis challenged LL Cool J in a battle that nearly matched Tim Duncan’s NBA career. Canibus has lambasted Eminem, criticized J. Cole, and even left a cult-championed career to enlist in the United States Army in the midst of the War On Terror. All of that said, it absolutely baffled the masses when Canibus—one ferocious MC—entered a highly-publicized Rap battle with a book of written rhymes.

In June, 2012, the former Refugee Camp All-Stars/Lost Boyz affiliate was a headliner in his first King Of The Dot Battle. In KOTD, the HRSMN MC took on Dizaster. After two rounds, the onetime Universal Records artist brought out a tablet, and nothing was the same.

Almost three years later, Canibus uses Dizaster for good. From ‘Bis’ Bronze Nazareth-produced Time Flys, Life Dies…Phoenix Rise album (May 12), he releases the straightforward titled “Battle Buddies 4 Life.” While Heads may chuckle at the track’s name, and theme, the results are nothing nice. Each MC takes a ’90s-minded loop from Bronze, and attack the mic.

Both MCs ambush the beat with hard punchlines, imagery from the battle, and lots of mentions surrounding their bond and each other. Never one to miss an opportunity for controversy, listen to ‘Bis’ parting shot, as he states that Dizaster is nicer than Eminem.

Did Canibus just turn a negative into a positive?

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