Ghostface Killah Explains Why His Jay Z Collab Fell Through and Why He Won’t Release His Verse (Video)

Ghostface Killah is the Iron Man. That being said, even Tony Starks has his limits. When recently asked why his reported collaboration with Jay Z and Raekwon for 2013’s “Heaven” fell through, Ghost admitted taking too long to get the verse to Jay.

The song was originally slated to appear on Magna Carta… Holy Grail. However, G.F.K. was on the road performing when the request for the verse was made and was not able to turn it around in time. In turn, “Heaven” ended up being a solo set. Raekwon first spoke about this song and outcome last month, explaining why photographs from his sessions never led to released music.

DJ Vlad asked Ghost’ more about the song, and the scheduling conflict. “Yeah, [Jay Z] wanted to get me on [Magna Carta… Holy Grail],” said the MC who just released Sour Soul with BADBADNOTGOOD. “I did the shit for him, like afterwards—a little bit after, but it was kinda like, too late,” explained the Staten Island, New Yorker on missing the cut-off for the album. He continued, “I was tryin’ to get the music to him and shit, but it was like…it was too late, man. I still got that verse and shit, somewhere in the closet, man.”

According to Ghostface Killah, the spirit of the collaboration was very much in the moment. “When [Raekwon] went to the studio and did it, I guess I had a show that night. You know how it go’ when you’re on the road, like ‘Yo.'” Ghostface was promoting the just-released Twelve Reasons To Die album in early 2013, during Jay’s recording of the rapid-release album through Samsung. “I wanted to make that album and shit. ‘Cause Jay don’t reach out to nobody. But for him to say, ‘Yo, I want to see what’s up with Tone’ and Rae’ or whatever, that’s a good look.” Previously, Jay Z and Ghostface Killah have not collaborated.

Vlad further asked if Ghostface planned to share his version of the song. “What I said, brothers ain’t gonna be able to understand it,” explained the Wu-Tang Clan co-founder, calling the writing “too deep on some Islam shit.” He added, “At that time, if they would have understood or not, I wouldn’t have cared, because I took ’em to The Quran.”

While the pair have not recorded together, Jay Z and Ghostface Killah go back. Ghost’ was among the selected opening acts in Jay’s famous “Fade To Black” concert at Madison Square Garden. In the mid-2000s, Ghost’ was also signed to Def Jam Records as a solo artist during Jay’s presidency at the label. Between that 2004 and 2007 tenure, the newly-signed G.F.K. released two studio albums, along with the 2006 More Fish compilation. December, 2007’s The Big Doe Rehab was among the final Def Jam albums released, before Jay’s stepping down later that month.

If you’re Ghostface Killah, was missing Magna Carta a mistake, or one of the things that makes him “Ghost”?

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