In A 1-Minute Trailer, True Detective: Season 2 Gives Goosebumps (Video)

In the opening days of 2014, HBO’s “True Detective” came, and rocked worlds with its circular storytelling, gripping suspense, and commanding performances by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson (who also produced). In just an eight episode format, this show was one that had many Heads talking.

By design, Nic Pizzolatto’s pulp series will rotate casts, settings, and cases season-to-season. In Season 2, which will begin June 21, three more actors looking to redefine themselves star. Vince Vaughn, Rachel MacAdams, and Colin Farrell star, in what appears to be another set of episodes big on suspense, sex, and unveiled mystery.

Take a look at the trailer, as “True Detective” moves from the swamps to the land of the sunshine, where bad lurks around every corner:

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