Just-Ice, Grand Wizard Theodore & Jungle Brothers’ Mike Gee Form Group, Release EP

Three Bronx, New York Hip-Hop icons have come together to form a group. The man responsible for discovering the turntable scratch, Grand Wizard Theodore, joins Gangsta Rap pioneer Just-Ice and The Jungle Brothers’ Mike Gee for what may seem like an unlikely quartet (as the group is also joined by Manic).

Together, the two MCs and iconic DJ have released a new three-song EP, Work! on WHO MAG Distribution/The Orchard/Sony.

Announced through Ambrosia For Heads, below is a stream of the title track (produced by Theodore), and the Work artwork:

Work - Just-Ice Mike Gee Album Cover

Previously, WHO MAG released Just-Ice & KRS-One’s 2010 joint-EP.

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