Mick Jenkins Puts on a Lyrical Display Reserved for a Rarefied Few (Video)

Mick Jenkins is well aware of Rap concept cliche. The Chicago, Illinois MC says he was out to reach new ground in “P’s & Q’s.” Knowing that Nas famously rewound a story with suspense, and Jay Z rigorously rocked repetition, he wanted to stand apart.

Big on literary devices, the Cinematic Entertainment MC uses cacophony at the beginning of the song, then moves quickly into alliteration—focusing on “P” and “Q.” This is an interesting concept that does seem to stand on its own. Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious) did “Alphabet Aerobics,” while Papoose had his “Alphabetical Slaughter.” Isolating letters, Saigon and Kool G Rap famously went to work on “Letter P.” This is the first time an artist shifts back and forth.

What’s more though, Mick seems to employ a lot of other devices in doing so. Dialect, cadence, symbolism, metaphor, allusion, and of course imagery are there. More than that, the video plays with time and visual arts just as well. See what other literary devices you can spot?

There’s a lot to Mick’s “water,” yes?

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