Murs Evocatively Honors The Life Of A Late, Fellow Rhymesayer (Video)

With the release of Have A Nice A Life, Murs took a moment to remember Eyedea. While they were not frequent collaborators, Murray and Eyedea were label-mates throughout much of the 2000s at Rhymesayers Entertainment.

While it’s been almost five years since the man born Michael Larsen passed away, Murray uses his latest album to kick a personal-journal-style rap about mourning. “I Miss Mikey” is straightforward, and evocative. Both Murs and Eyedea were battle-tested MCs with a high opinion of their place in Hip-Hop. However, on their albums, both rappers show incredible range, gifted in song-making.

Like Big L or Stack Bundles, will Eyedea’s legacy be raised by his peers?

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