Mystikal & Mark Ronson’s New Visual is Kinda Wrong…But It Feels Right (Video)

In the days when networks were still havens for the music video, it took a lot to command rotation. These days, visuals live online—where they also live forever. In that school of thought, artists often tend to favor quantity over quality, knowing that a view is a view.

Mark Ronson, ever the lover of big productions in all mediums, combats that. “Feel Right” already proved itself to be one of the most potent Mystikal records since before the New Orleans, Louisiana veteran’s lengthy incarceration. For the visual, the days when Mystikal had massive hits in “Shake Ya Ass” and “Danger” are reborn (and even edited accordingly). Only this video has more of a narrative, and meets all the criteria of those early 2000s blockbusters.

Set around a high school talent show, Ronson gives Heads an underdog’s tale. Florence Henderson (“The Brady Bunch”) appears, filling the obligatory obscure celebrity cameo quota. Mark, Mystikal, and Bruno Mars make the crew-love appearances as well. Rather than star though, a misfit adolescent (called a “nerd” by a classmate) tears the roof off, with the funky performance of the single—and some great Mystikal impersonations. The cute-kid factor, along with lip-syncing is met. This video amuses, humors, and aims to endure with its cool-effect.

It has now been 14 years since Mystikal released an album. With his Mannie Fresh-backed work and YMCMB/Rich Gang material at a seeming standstill, should the Bounce artist chase this James Brown-tinged Funk fusion in making his sixth LP, and a possible comeback?

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