Pete Rock Fires Up One Of His Finest Verses Of Late Alongside Canibus (Audio)

Pete Rock is ageless. For almost 25 years, the Mount Vernon, New Yorker has been a master at DJ’ing, production, and MC’ing. While many greats of that span can rest on their laurels and celebrate their past glory, the mighty P.R. has always innovated and pushed forward.

In 2015, Pete aims to really leave a mark. Leading up to his own Petestrumentals 2 (June 23), Pete made an MC appearance on Canibus & Bronze Nazareth’s just released Time Flys, Life Dies…Phoenix Rise album. ‘Bis can be a (famously) competitive artist to share a track with, but Pete Rock is an impressive complement on “Concourse P.” This is not unlike “True Master” alongside Inspectah Deck and Kurupt (Canibus’ HRSMN mate), Pete Rock wants his place among the greats behind the boards and on the mic.

Do you think Bronze Nazareth saw Pete’s sound as an inspiration in making “Concourse P”?

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