Phonte & Nicolay Unveil A New Collaboration Beyond The Foreign Exchange Sound (Audio)

Phonte and Nicolay’s Foreign Exchange have defied genre. While the pair’s serendipitously digital debut, Connected, basked in some Hip-Hop roots, F.E. would later circle the realms of R&B, Pop, and Soul. The journey has been a successful one, marked by acclaimed tours, and Grammy nominations for the independent duo.

From Nic’s upcoming City Lights Vol. 3: Soweto (June 9) solo album, “The Brightest Star/Afterglow” shows a new side of the two men’s synergy. Fast-paced, dreamy, and deeply rooted in vibe, the song could best be described as a contemporary Jazz, with some Electronica tinges. Midway through the fused tracks, the beat breaks (with crisp drums) to take on new color, new dimension, and new value. These two songs seem to belong together, as Heads get the before and the after, and both sound so sweet.

Is Nicolay not one of the most under-sung musical minds of today?

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