Rapsody Uses TVs As A Metaphor For The Message In The Music (Video)

What we chase ain’t the same / I’m still that rapper / That your favorite rapper’s scared to rap after.” – Rapsody

At a pinnacle point in her career, Rapsody releases the video for “Hard To Choose.” The 9th Wonder-produced track is a topical examination of where Rap’ is at, and how she sacrificed no integrity or skill to get there.

The lyrics deal with the pressures of dumbing it down to get dollars, and how that’s a road Rapsody refuses to take. Instead, she’s lighting the path for other lyricists, who are in this for all the pure reasons. The song incorporates Black pride, a nod of gratitude to DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa, and words of wisdom and hope to young girls of color.

The visual uses symbolism of TVs, analyzing the information and entertainment we give the consumers. It’s easy to get locked into the vortex, but Rapsody’s mental-piercing lyrics are nothing for the “idiot box.” This is a stylish visual that captures the vibe of the songwriting. This is a powerful inclusion from Beauty and the Beast (Deluxe Edition).

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