Think Suicide Doors Are Rap Lyric Cliche? Skyzoo Unlocks The Freshness (Audio)

Skyzoo Heads know that the Brooklyn, New Yorker lives in two worlds. On one hand, the onetime Jamla/Duck Down Records MC is a product of the underground. Sky’ has a grassroots career that was built off of hot 12″ singles, circulating his name through mixtapes, and working with a vast cross-section of his peers. On the other hand, Sky’s style, his imagery, and his presence in songs is not that far off of mixtape Fabolous or Streets Is Watching-era Jay Z. In that school, why isn’t Sky’ the next breakthrough mainstream BK MC?

“Suicide Doors” holds each of those worlds in a hand. Sky’ takes the imagery of custom doors, built for luxury flossing and regularly heard on radio records. Ever the wordsmith though, S-K-Y takes this image, flips it on its head. He tells a circular story on a Jazz-enhanced percussion track by MarcNfinit. Things are not always what they seem, in with a lethal early glimpse from his Music For My Friends (June 23), Brooklyn’s ‘Zoo let another beast out of his creative cage.

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