Yelawolf Is Still Poppin’ The Trunk, But To Get His Guitar (Video)

In the last five years, Yelawolf’s style has changed, but not entirely. The Shady Records artist is well-aware of his diverse fan-base. There are those expecting him to rap, incredibly fast at that, with Southern Gothic imagery that only a Gadsden, Alabama native can deliver. Then there are now those who appreciate Catfish Billy’s more melodic, Pop-savvy style.

Love Story holds both of those worlds. “Johnny Cash” seems to capture that intersection. The black-and-white visual finds Yela’ still wheelin’ vintage Chevy’s, still navigating some perilous streets, but he is different than the explosive go-hard that shot up through the scene in 2010. He’s still poppin’ trunks, but for different reasons:

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