Your Old Droog Goes All-City On A Statik Selektah Holdover (Audio)

Your Old Droog crosses paths with Statik Selektah. It’s a complementary fit, as these are two Brooklyn, New York-based B-boys strongly pull from past generations and nostalgia, while flipping things with a modern slant.

Droog takes a Statik-produced dusty arrangement, and goes all-city with “Unlimited Metrocard.” The swipe of the MTA card is the theme as Droog disses fellow riders, clumsy slang-jackin’ rappers, and pan-handlers. Experiences like this color one of New York’s more unchanged elements, from Style Wars through now. The song’s opening finds Droog teasing the 1982 co-founder that he heard the same beat elements by The Roots and RTNC (his close producer). Selektah chimes back that he made the beat in 2010. Whether some playful humor for the record or not, the beat deserves to be liberated.

As Statik has done so much for Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era, do his efforts help a guy like Droog reach the next level?

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