Audio Push Redefine What’s Regular In Normally (Video)

Hailing from the Inland Empire, a sprawling suburban section of Southern California that is far enough from Los Angeles to have its own cultural identity but close enough to still feel the influence of Hollywood’s superstardom, Audio Push is a duo comprised of MCs Oktane (Julian Brown) and Price (Larry Jacks). With 2009’s “Teach Me How to Jerk,” the Interscope Records signees aligned themselves with the dance crazy that swept the nation and while their homage didn’t perform as well as the New Boyz “You’re a Jerk,” Audio Push has been releasing mixtapes at a consistent clip for the last six years, most recently 2015’s The Good Vibe Tribe, released on 4/20.

Featuring OG Maco, Vince Staples (with whom they will be touring later this summer), Casey Veggies, G-Eazy, Isaiah Rashad, and more, the mixtape is rumored to be the lead-in to their studio debut, although an official release date has yet to be announced. Also adding to the rumor was the release of “Quick Fast,” a single featuring Wale that is not included on The Good Vibe Tribe, suggesting a full-length arrival in the near future. In the meantime, they released a music video for “Normally,” produced by Hit-Boy and Dot Da Genius. With Price waking up from a wild night on the top of a house, he brushes his teeth with Hennessy and works in his outdoor, rooftop studio. Oktane is seen in equally unusual positions, navigating a Beemer from the trunk, upon which he sits with a portable steering wheel. Clearly, what’s normal for these guys is a bacchanalian romp for most. A party-ready anthem that pairs lo-fi production with hyperactive lyrical delivery, “Normally” and its accompanying video might make your wildest night look tame in comparison.