David Banner & 9th Wonder Planning Death Of A Pop Star 2 (Interview)

Recently, Ambrosia For Heads spoke with David Banner. The Jackson, Mississippi native MC/producer/actor spoke about DJ EFN’s Another Time album, particularly his “Warrior” verse. However, while speaking with AFH, the veteran Crooked Lettaz alum spoke about one of his most beloved works, 2010’s Death Of A Pop Star LP, a collaboration with 9th Wonder.

Notably, the late December independent LP did not get near the Top 10 (something Banner had achieved in Mississippi: The AlbumCertified, and The Greatest Story Ever Told). However, the Big Face/It’s A Wonderful World Music Group effort is often considered a standout album in both artist’s catalogs.

Banner was asked if he felt the eOne Entertainment-distributed effort would be something that would reach the masses more with time. Banner maintained that the LP, which features Ludacris, Erykah Badu, and Anthony Hamilton has a resounding reach. “Death Of A Pop Star gets a little more attention [than others]. Because what people don’t understand about me is that I usually do most of the work. The reason why, lyrically, it was so dope was because 9th Wonder did [all of] the beats. Most of the time, I do all of the beats.” Banner continued that from his experiences, even with SRC/Universal, he was used to funding the albums, arranging tours, videos, and more. D.O.A.P. afforded him a team effort. “I can’t do everything. It just gets rough.” Each musician divided the load on the 2010 LP, allowing Banner to focus his attentions on lyrics and delivery.

Released in the same four weeks as Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday, and T.I.’s No Mercy, it was a crowded and competitive season for Hip-Hop. Reacting to a criticism he personally heard surrounding the album four-and-a-half-years later, Banner declared, “The thing about Death Of A Pop Star is that people said that they wanted better music [from it], and I think that’s a lie. They just want music from who they want it from, because Death Of A Pop Star was the best album that year when it came out.” David Banner also said that the album’s true resonance was restrained by major sample issues. “If you could hear the original album…the original album is at least seven times better than the replayed record. It hurts sometimes.”

Although many details are forthcoming, Banner did confirm a Death Of A Pop Star 2 in the works between he and 9th Wonder. Additionally, the producer for Lil Wayne, T.I., and Luda’ added that a third artist may join the fold. “We’re thinkin’ about it,” he said. “Somebody dope.” Without hard details, this work is expected following Banner’s The God Box! solo work, expected later in 2015—an album D.B. appeared especially proud of.

David, who remains active in scoring commercials, continued that the 2014 BET Cypher and fan reaction pushed him back in the lab. However, the MC from the Magnolia State maintains that even that moment beckoned more shine.

“Me and Big K.R.I.T were talking about this… when you’re from the South, or you’re not from a big market. I sort of almost feel like the San Antonio [Spurs] winning the [NBA] championship. You know when Sports Illustrated always puts out the special magazine. They run San Antonio for a week. If [The Los Angeles Lakers] or New York [Knicks] win, or whatever team they love at the time, they run it for two or three months. I sort of felt that way about The [BET] Cypher verse. If anyone else would have done that, people would have had a conniption fit. Bit it’s like ‘Oh, David Banner’…it’s sort of like the roach in the room. People act like they don’t see it. And I don’t get that, man.”

Stay tuned for more information on The God Box! and Death Of A Pop Star 2.

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