DJ Quik Truly Is Unsung. Watch An Incredibly In-Depth Look At His Career (Video)

From his reportedly uncredited assistance with Dr. Dre in the 2000s to his days on Death Row Records working under his government pseudonym (David Blake), DJ Quik epitomizes “unsung.” For the television series “Unsung,” the Compton, California star MC/producer/DJ is chronicled.

Quik’s days of underground tapes, assisting other would-be sensations (Hi-C, AMG, 2nd II None, Penthouse Players Clique, etc), and infamous MC Eiht beef are profiled. Thirty-two minutes long, here is an essential look at one of Rap’s 25-year masters. The “fonky” photos alone are worthy every bit of your time.

Spotted at ego trip!.

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