E-40 Makes A Clever Yet Simple G-Code Anthem, Assisted By The Whole Industry (Video)

E-40 knows how to make catchy songs. Whether it’s mid-2000s ringtone rap, Hyphy hits, or his Click tracks from the early ’90s, 40 Water knows how to pen a hit. From 2014’s Sharp On All 4 Corners, the Vallejo, California veteran releases “Choices (Yup).”

On the surface, the song may seem like the deliberately unforgettable sort of song that feels like an instructional dance hit, or pure ringtone rap. However, in between the infectious chorus, Earl Stevens rips into the track with some dazzling wordplay, and his own breakdown on what the G-code really looks like.

40, who has worked with everybody in Hip-Hop throughout the last 25 years, gets the fanfare back. Nearly every artist and crew in Hip-Hop helps with the chorus, submitting videos that show this as a hallmark moment to Earl’s tenacity, and ability to find hits, no matter his label “machinery.” Given that the Sick-Wid-It front-man helped one of the biggest hits of the last year, is his latest comeback going by under-sung?

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