Ghostface Killah & Vince Staples Get The Money and Never Have To Run (Audio)

Approaching next month’s Twelve More Reasons To Die, Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge share a third glimpse from the RZA-backed Soul Temple sequel. With some of the dirtiest drums heard as of late, G.F.K. makes “Get The Money” sound oh so literal. This is “Heist Rap,” as Adrian and Starks welcome a seemingly unlikely guest in Long Beach, California’s Vince Staples.

With his exaggerated flow and cadence, Staples turns on the organic track, and complements Ghost’ perfectly. This is the kind of record that challenges the Ghostface wheel-house in a 23-year career that’s never been predictable, but thrives at its best when exciting. Def Jam’s new boutique artist and one of its most important from a decade ago come together, taking the money, never having to run:

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