Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Are BACK, 9 Years Later (Audio)

It has been seven years since Janet Jackson released a solo album. So much has happened since then. Ms. Jackson lost her brother, Michael. She got married, again. She launched her own Rhythm Nation Records.

So at last, Janet is back with new music.

After going in a different direction with 2008’s Discipline, she’s reunited with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, who, prior to that album, had been down with J.J. since 1986’s Control. “No Sleep” may bring to mind a chorus from the Velvet Rope era. However, this is something rooted entirely in the now. Janet delivers sultry vocals, with that crisp sound and range that’s made her stand apart. This song may restore Janet Jackson’s place as one of the leaders of R&B-Pop, at a time when the genre is rejuvenating.

What do you think?

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