Mo Money, Mo Problems: A Woman Will Adorn New Currency, But Only Slightly (Audio)

2020 will mark the centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage, and while the idea of possibly having a female president during the landmark year seems to be growing more and more plausible by the day, there are other, more certain endeavors being undertaken to acknowledge the milestone. On today’s Morning Edition segment on NPR, a report from the Treasury was shared, in which it was announced that a woman’s face will adorn U.S. currency.

Recently, an online campaign to select a woman for the $20 (called “Women on 20s“) went viral, with Harriet Tubman being named the winner (she reportedly beat out Wilma Mankiller, Rosa Parks, and Eleanor Roosevelt). However, it appears that the Treasury Department has different plans, and while a woman will indeed soon appear on American currency, it will be on the much less commonly used $10 bill. In what many conceive as being another slight to women, the current face of the bill, Alexander Hamilton, will still appear on some of the forthcoming versions. Listen to the full segment here, which includes input from Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

What do you think?

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