Oddisee Delivers One of Hip-Hop’s Standout Performances in 2015. This Is Special (Video)

Oddisee’s The Good Fight is touted as one of 2015’s most cohesive, relateable albums. Beyond simply Hip-Hop, the Diamond District member’s latest solo outing dabbles in Jazz, R&B, and Spoken Word. Moreover, from the independent label of Mello Music Group, the mainstream is taking notice.

The perfect example of that is Oddisee’s recent stop by National Public Radio’s New York City offices to participate in their “Tiny Desk” acoustic performance series. There, before an intimate audience, the veteran MC/producer performs “That’s Love,” “Contradiction’s Maze” and “Belong to the World,” all from The Good Fight. Even though the crowd is small, Oddisee treats the moment with poise and grace, driving every word home. On “That’s Love,” he elicits a call and response from the crowd that reminds, at its essence, Hip-Hop is a participatory medium. “Contradiction’s Maze” showcases yet another facet of the DMV MC’s multiple talents, with him demonstrating an effortless and deeply soulful ability to sing, on the hook. Taking it home on “Belong to the World,” the depth of Oddisee’s lyrical content is on full display, as he artfully tells the story of his life journey.

The scaled down instrumentation of a keyboard and drums actually serves to enhance the musicality of Oddisee’s productions. The lush chord progressions and subtle nuances leap out in these arrangements. Whether you’re a longtime fan or hearing him for the first time, this is special.

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