Out Of This World: Get Your Space Boogie On With Illa J’s New Single (Audio)

In a newly  re-invigorated drive to continue his solo career, Illa J has embarked on new paths, both figuratively and musically. Now living in Montreal, the 28-year-old rapper spent the several years after the 2008 release of his solo debut, Yancey Boys, performing and touring with Slum Village, the Detroit-based group founded by his late brother. Having now taken an amicable step back from the group, his ties to his musical foundations remain strong, and he is featured on SV’s latest album, YES! With his creative energies now channeled towards his artistry as an individual, his focus on his second solo project is resolute and, as his latest single proves, funky.

“Universe” is the second single off of his upcoming eponymous album, scheduled for an October 2 release. It follows “Strippers,” a driving piece of nasty neo-funk co-produced by Canadian beat makers Kaytranada and Potatohead People, the latter returning to the boards for this latest release. “Universe” incorporates Illa J’s signature mix of pseudo-singing and rapping in the bounce-inducing serenade to the galaxy’s most beautiful woman. Check it out.

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