Scarface Says If Fans Don’t Fund The Geto Boys Album, He’s Out (Audio)

Details emerged yesterday (June 16) surrounding the Geto Boys’ eighth studio album, Habeas Corpus. Now outside of the label system, the current lineup of Scarface, Willie D, and Bushwick Bill turned to fans via Kickstarter, asking $100,000 to produce their first group album since 2005’s Top 20 debut, The Foundation.

Elaborating with VladTV yesterday, Scarface says if that 30-day goal is not met, he will not participate in the album. “If the fans can raise [the money], I’ll be down with it. If not, I ain’t down with it,” said ‘Face, who also spoke lightly surrounding his own forthcoming Deep Rooted album. Often times, artists turn to alternative methods to complete projects if funding goals are not met. “If that ain’t what the people want, I ain’t tryin’ force-feed shit.”

“We on the road right now,” said Facemob of the Office Space Tour. “Willie [D] talkin’ about it,” he added, alluding to Willie D’s Rolling Stone interview, detailing the album’s potential Ice Cube guest appearance, and producers including Mike Dean, N.O. Joe, and Tone Capone. “It’s too much Geto Boys for Brad,” stated the Houston, Texas superstar. Whether he was joking remains unclear, but the MC stated that even on the road, Bushwick Bill sprawls out on the bus’ coach, while Willie frequently occupies the rear cabin.

Always changing his tone, the admittedly manic depressive rapper then said, “It’s good to see the ol’ boys back together again.” From a sales standpoint, he then added, “The tour’s doing fantastic.”

Putting it squarely on the fans over the coming weeks, Scarface deduced, “If that shit funds, I’d love to do another Geto Boys album—if that’s what the fans want to hear.”

To date, fans have donated $4,200 towards the Geto Boys’ $100,000 goal via Kickstarter—with 27 days remaining. Those looking to contribute, may visit the page.

Do the Geto Boys’ curious relationship with each other add to the group’s mystique?

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