Slum Village’s YES! Completes The Circle With 9 J Dilla Productions (Album Stream)

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One week early, Slum Village is sharing their eighth studio full-length, YES!.

Founding S.V. member T3, along with trusted production confidant Young RJ (who came to the collective in the early 2000s with Black Milk as BR Gunna) made an album that follows the Villa’s journey. Late co-founding member of the group, J Dilla (f/k/a Jay Dee) is credited with nine songs produced on the LP. Meanwhile, Dilla’s brother, Illa J (also a much later former member) comes on for two spots. Black Milk, who helped (with T3, Young RJ and Elzhi) orchestrate a comeback for the crew a decade ago, checks back in for a musical contribution. The late Baatin and El’ are the only two past S.V. MCs not connected to this Barak Records release.

Known for all the personnel iterations, sound shifts, and still avid consistency, YES! celebrates the dogged persistence of T3, who has been waving the S.V. brand for more than 20 years. Premiered today (June 11) at Rolling Stone, YES! aims to be put Slum Village’s jerseys in the rafters, not just of Detroit Hip-Hop, but all of it:

Here is the complete Slum Village – YES! tracklisting:

1. “Intro” (produced by J Dilla)
2. “Fantastic/Love Is” featuring Bilal and Illa J (produced by J Dilla)
3. “Tear It Down” featuring Jon Connor (produced by J Dilla)
4. “Expressive” featuring BJ The Chicago Kid and Illa J (produced by J Dilla)
5. “Push It Along” featuring Phife Dawg (produced by Young RJ)
6. “Windows” featuring J Ivy (produced by J Dilla)
7. “Yes Yes” (Remix) (produced by J Dilla & Young RJ)
8. “Right Back” featuring De La Soul (produced by J Dilla & Young RJ)
9. “We On The Go!!” featuring Black Milk & Frank Nitt (produced by Black Milk)
10. “Too Much” featuring Keely (produced by J Dilla & Young RJ)
11. “Where We Come From” (produced by Young RJ)
12. “What We Have” featuring Kam Corvet & Illa J (produced by J Dilla)

Is YES! a major comeback album for the Villa?

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