Talib Kweli, Boots from The Coup & Kool A.D. Team For Amazing Animation (Video)

Kool A.D. is among 2015’s most versatile MCs. The former Das Racist cofounder has gone on to defy genre, style, and all around convention in recent years. For “Hickory,” he links with Talib Kweli and Boots Riley (from The Coup). The song is jazzy, funky, and clearly rooted in Rap.

For the video, Youth Experimental Studio uses water-colors and motion to create the effect to show just how moving these verses and captivating chorus are. Talib is especially sharp, as Boots sounds nothing like he did in his Wild Pitch days, still capturing that organic funk.

Catch this on Kool’s Word O.K. LP.

Are Heads sleeping on Kool A.D.?

Spotted at ego trip!.

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