Whether It’s Fans or Friends, Game & Drake Only Want The Real (Audio)

With his highly anticipated album The Documentary 2 slated for a June 30 release, the Game is poised to drop a summer blockbuster of a record. The ardor surrounding the release has been satiated, albeit only slightly, with the release of a mini-documentary with behind-the-scenes footage of the recording process, including a studio session with Meek Mill as the two MCs record “Soundtrack.” Structured like a high-budget film, it contributes an epic sense of, well, epicness to the new album, which will serve as a follow-up to The Documentary, a 2005 monster of a debut that went double-platinum in only two months. The album, along with embodying a career milestone, also has a visceral personal touch, as it will be released on the birthday of The Game’s son Harlem, who famously appeared with his dad on the cover of his debut.

Now, as the release date inches closer, Heads have a new joint to knock. “100” is a nearly six-minute long lyrical affair featuring Drake. In the song, the two beast as they lament over fraudulent supporters and fair-weather friends, with Drizzy repeatedly warning “y’all better not come ’round my studio with that fake shit.” He goes on to surmise that “I would have so many friends if I didn’t have money, respect and accomplishments. I would have so many friends if I held back the truth and I just gave out compliments.” The Game is equally aware of the snakes in the grass, asking “Drake told me not to trust you niggas, your energy off, you finicky, I rush you niggas.” Check it out.

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