The Getback: Gmail Now Allows Users To Un-Send Emails

Years ago, Google played one of its signature April Fool’s jokes on its users, boasting that there was an “undo-send” button for emails. That joke has now become a reality.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.33.27 AM

According to The New York Times, Google’s Gmail platform now allows the “undo.” Following nearly five years of experimentation in the user-generated Google Labs, the settings of Gmail users can now be switched to pull-back emails. In actuality, the system allows a delay from the pressing of ‘send’ to the delivery. The lag-time can be set between five and 30 seconds. No more unintended reply-all’s, confusing bosses with bae’s, or the dreaded paste of an incorrect link.

As Gmail increases its space for users, Google is also out to decrease awkwardness among humans.

What’s one email you’d like to have back?

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